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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lake Wedowee Summer Jam Returns this Memorial Day to Chimney Cove

Put on your dancing shoes as Lake Wedowee Summer Jam returns for its second year May 25th at Chimney Cove.

"We are really excited about this year's lineup," Doug Williams, owner of WM Grocery and one of the event's organizers, said. "It is an eclectic mix of original music that we hope the people of the area will enjoy."
Headlining the event this year is the Wet Willie Band, a group that has been entertaining the masses for more than 40 years.  According to the band's website, the group's sound is "a potent blend of high energy R&B, downhome soul, greasy blues rock and gospel harmonies."

Wet Willie Band made a name for themselves in the 1970s with hits "Keep on Smilin'" "Street Corner Serenade"  and "Countryside of Life" which the group Alabama later covered.

Another new addition to this year's lineup is local favorite Kevin Moon.

"We did a live remote for Alabama 100.7 at Summer Jam last year," Moon said, "And the energy was unbelievable. I knew I wanted to play on that stage this year."

Moon's singing and songwriting style is hardcore honky tonk according to his website and he has spent the last several years building a very loyal fan base in East Alabama. Recently Moon played at the Historic Talladega Theatre for his CD release party to a crowd of more than 500.

Lake Wedowee Summer Jam also welcomes back three groups that performed last year including Flatt Lonesome, a bluegrass group that just released their debut cd in January and Paris Luna, a rocker that won Georgia Music Awards Best Rock Female 2012 and released a new cd "Between the Ditches" in early 2013.

Last year's headliner Sol Junky featuring Barry Waldrep also returns for the 2013 show.

"We heard so many positive things about Sol Junky last year that we really wanted them to come back so more people could hear them," Williams said.

The gates will open 5 p.m. and the show will begin at 7 p.m. The tickets will be $15 and can be purchased in advance beginning May 1 at WM Grocery.

"This year we are giving the proceeds to Brown Bag Buddies again and this event would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and vendors," Kelly Caldwell, one of the event organizers, said. "We learned last year, it really takes a village to pull something like this together and we hope the community comes out in support again this year."

For more information including sponsorship opportunities on Lake Wedowee Summer Jam, please visit or like us at

Friday, May 25, 2012

Barry Waldrep & Scott Little pereforming on Good Day Alabama promoting Lake Wedowee Summer Jam

Barry Waldrep, Kelly Caldwell (Event Co-Organizer), and Scott Little

Barry Waldrep & Scott Little preforming on Good Day Alabama promoting Lake Wedowee Summer Jam! — with Barry Waldrep and The Band of Brothers & Sisters.

Barry Waldrep & Scott Little preforming on Leland Live for Lake Wedowee Summer Jam

Barry Waldrep, Leland Whaley  and Scott Little

Barry Waldrep & Scott Little preforming on Leland Live in Birmingham 5/24/2012 while promoting Lake Wedowee Summer Jam.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barry Waldrep and Doug Williams Commercial for Lake Wedowee Summer Jam

Barry Waldrep and Doug Williams Commercial for Lake Wedowee Summer Jam

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lake Wedowee Summer Jam 2013

This article was published in The Cleburne News

After 30 years Barry Waldrep is set to take the stage at the Lake Wedowee Summer Jam at Chimney Cove in Wedowee on May 26, 2012, 7:00pm. Joining Barry will be a group of artist known as the Band of Brothers & Sisters. Doug Williams, owner of WM Grocery contacted Waldrep, who he has known since high school, and Kelly Caldwell of Lake Wedowee Life Works with the idea of doing a fund raiser for Brown Bag Buddies and the Hearts Program. They were both eager to jump on board with Williams.

Barry Waldrep graduated from Randolph County High School in 1982 and last performed in Wedowee at a Street Dance downtown after a Fun Day celebration. He now returns along with many guest artists that also performed on his recent CD, The Band of Brothers and Sisters. The show will feature all of the styles of music Waldrep has been involved in throughout his music career which include Country, Bluegrass, Southern Rock & Gospel.

Waldrep has been playing and performing since he was 6 years old. He will tell you that it all started with his father, James Waldrep, who was also a great musician. The influence of his father put him on a path that he could never turn back on. “It is something that is very hard to explain” Barry says. “I really don’t ever remember not playing. It has been always been a part of my life. It would be really weird if I didn’t play. I could never imagine life without music.”

First grade through High School Waldrep was always involved in some type of musical function. Whether it was playing a Bluegrass Festival with his dad’s band or performing with the FFA String Band at RCHS, he was always playing. He could just be pickin’ on someone’s front porch, it didn’t matter to him. He just wanted to play.

As for other influences, he did much more than listen to the radio. He was always into the music that was not very commercial (not on the radio) He discovered so many great musicians who were just playing the music they loved and accepted what ever money that came with that kind of career. They had the same passion for music as Barry. Later in life he played with some of his musical hero’s like Tony Rice, Bill Monroe & Tony Trischka.

After High School and dabbling with college, Waldrep began work full time as a mechanic at Dunn Chevrolet in Roanoke and played music on the weekends. It didn’t take too long for him to realize just how strong his passion for music really was and after a couple of years made the decision to make music his full time job. He was willing to accept whatever came with that decision, just like some of his musical hero’s.

Many sacrifices were made to live this kind of life. “I had to do this” Waldrep said. “The road is a very strange place to live your life, but if you really love it, it’s all worth it. It has been exciting, difficult, great, not so great and great again. Just about anything you can imagine. But I am still happy today about the choice I made and I have stayed true to what I set out to do…. Music.”

In the past 30 years Barry has performed, toured and recorded with some very well known artist: Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Widespread Panic, Kid Rock, Little Big Town, Joey & Rory, Randy Travis and The Zac Brown Band, just to name a few. He is very modest in stating how successful he has been in his career, but he has certainly made it to the top! Most recently he was enjoying a day hanging out at Vince Gill’s home pickin tunes, talking guitars and sharing their passion for real country music. But, it is just as important to him to play with up and coming players as it is to perform with a well known artist. Waldrep states, “I try to support and encourage the young players and anyone I see that is out there busting it to make it happen. Everyone needs inspiration and the one thing that I hope to do more than anything is inspire someone to want to pick up an instrument and learn to play. If I can move someone with what I do, I feel as if I have done my job.”

He has performed everywhere, from his early life class rooms at RCHS to the Grand Ole Opry, small listening rooms to jam packed arenas. What does he have to say about all of this? “It’s all about the music, no matter where you are. Music has been very good to me. I keep finding new things to do and I’m still learning after all of these years. It’s always an adventure.”

Waldrep is about playing and promoting real music and encourages people to go out and listen and support independent artists. He says, “it is some of the best music you can hear, as they are into it for the right reasons. Nothing more than just doing what they love… Music.”

So bring your lawn chair and come on out to Chimney Cove in Wedowee on May 26th. All profits from this concert go to benefit The Brown Bag Buddies & Hearts Programs. Advance tickets can be purchased at WM Grocery (Wedowee & Heflin), Lake Side Marina and Sheppard’s Jewelry. Tickets are $10 and children under 6 are free. Tickets can be purchased at the gate as well. Gates open @ 5:00pm and the show starts at 7:00pm.

Check out the Lake Wedowee Summer Jam page on facebook. Also, more information on Barry Waldrep can be found at or facebook.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Native Son Returns for Lake Wedowee Summer Jam

News to Know
by Kelly Caldwell
Lake Wedowee Life magazine

It doesn't matter if your a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll, Lake Wedowee Summer Jam will have something for you.

“The musicians we have lined up really are an eclectic mix.” Doug Williams, event organizer, said. “It's like bluegrass, southern rock, country and gospel all rolled into one.”

Williams, owner of WM Grocery, had the idea of a concert on Lake Wedowee after talking to his good friend Barry Waldrep.

“We have always wanted to do something to give back to the community,” Williams said. “It has kind of snowballed from a couple of conversations into what we hope to be a memorable event.”

Waldrep, a 1982 graduate of Randolph County High School, has been playing music since his father James put a guitar in his hands at 6 years old.

“My first influence was obviously my father, (James Waldrep)” Waldrep said in an earlier interview with Lake Wedowee Life. “When I got interested, my dad starting showing me chords and then I started picking up stuff on my own from watching other people play.”

Since that day, Waldrep has always had an instrument near by. He has toured across the country with different bands like Rolling in the Hay, which he founded in 1993, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Zac Brown Band, Widespread Panic and the Allman Brothers to name a few.

“I'm really excited about playing in Randolph County,” Waldrep said. “It has been 30 years and I never thought it would happen.

“But this is going to be a really great show for all ages.”

Barry Waldrep and the Band of Brothers and Sisters will perform May 26th at Chimney Cove on Lake Wedowee. Tickets are $10 and will go on sale May 1. The Band of Brothers and Sisters features Sarah Peacock,Kurt Thomas, Scott Little, Kelsi and Charli Robertson (from Flatt Lonesome), The Church Sisters and SOL JUNKY. The group performed together at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta which resulted in the Live in Atlanta cd.

“What is great is that not only am I returning home to play, but we are also able to help two great causes in the area,” Waldrep said.

The proceeds of the concert will go to Brown Bag Buddies in Randolph County and The HEARTS Program in Cleburne County. Both organizations provide food to the less fortunate.

Sponsorships with different price levels are available. Sponsors will receive reserved seating and other advertising incentives.

Other than reserved seating, the concert layout is first come, first serve and attendees are encouraged to bring their lawn chairs.

For updated information, visit

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